Pick #4 (3 was voided): Jerami Grant Rebounds Under 4.5 (-144 FD)

Very difficult spot for Grant and the Blazers, as the Nuggets are firing on all cylinders offensively. I'm testing out a theory with this pick: the posted total for the O/U of this game is 237, the highest on today's slate and I believe that when a total is high like this, more scoring=less rebounding at least defensively. In the last 2 weeks of play, Denver has given the LEAST amount of rebounds to power forwards, so that combined with a high total should mean not many shots for Grant to board tonight.

When analyzing the upcoming matchup between the Denver Nuggets and Portland Trail Blazers, the informed sports bettor should consider taking the under for Jerami Grant's rebounds. Grant, averaging 4.32 rebounds per game this season, is playing against a Nuggets team renowned for limiting rebounds from power forwards, and Grant himself has only averaged 3.4 rebounds per game against them in 3+ games this season.

The evidence supports betting the under on Grant's rebounds. At home, he's averaging 4.37 rebounds, while on the road he's averaging 4.27. This season he has had more than 4.5 rebounds in 19 games and less than 4.5 rebounds in 22 games. Over the last 20 games, he's averaging 4.35 rebounds, with more than 4.5 rebounds in 10 games. Over the last 10 games, he's averaging 4.5 rebounds, with more than 4.5 rebounds in 5 games. Most recently, over the last 5 games, he's averaging 4.2 rebounds and has had more than 4.5 rebounds in 3 games. 

Given this data, Grant is trending down in rebounds, and the Nuggets' strong defense will likely make it difficult for him to reach the 4.5 rebounds mark. With Grant only averaging 3.4 rebounds against the Nuggets in 3+ games this season, and the Nuggets allowing few rebounds to power forwards, it is advisable to take the under for Grant's rebounds in this game. If you want to sweeten the odds of this one and make a fun SGP, I'm running this along with Denver ML and Jokic 25 points, which gives me +255.