Hey guys! I've been trailing a man lately named Austin (Calling Our Shot on YouTube and TikTok) as he attempts to turn $10 into $10000 dollars by reinvesting his earnings in a +100 parlay to double his money each day. It's on day 9 now, and with it ending soon, I have been inspired to start my own and share it on here with you guys. I have cooked up a relatively safe Parlay to start things off. I will be betting on the sportsbook Bet365 so the odds come from there. I will be posting on here as long as the streak is alive. Let's ride!

The Day 1 Parlay (+114)

1st Leg: SGP 

Bam Adebayo to record 15+ Points (23/25 games, 2/2 vs opponent)


Tyler Herro to record 3+ rebounds (24/25 games, 2/2 vs opponent)

2nd Leg: 

Julius Randle to record 3+ assists (23/25 games, 5/5 vs opponent)

3rd Leg:

Jeremi Grant to record 15+ points (23/25 games, 2/2 vs opponent)