The Chicago White Sox are primed to win the Detroit Tigers in the first five innings of their upcoming MLB clash, capitalizing on the Tigers' notorious struggles against right-handed pitchers. 

As the baseball season heats up, the Chicago White Sox face off against the Detroit Tigers. The White Sox have a distinct advantage heading into this game, and it lies in their ability to capitalize on the Tigers' well-documented batting struggles, especially against right-handed pitchers. If you're looking to make some smart bets on this game, focusing on the first five innings could be the key to cashing in.

The Tigers have been consistently ranked as one of the worst teams in the league against right-handed pitchers, which plays directly into the White Sox's strengths. While the White Sox might not be the most explosive team in the MLB, their solid lineup and steady pitching give them an edge in this matchup. The first five innings are crucial in determining the outcome of any game, and this is where the White Sox are expected to shine.

Chicago's Giolito has been having a solid season with a 3-3 record on an underwhelming White Sox team, and has recorded a 3.62 ERA thus far. Given the Tigers' struggles against right-handed pitchers, Giolito is poised to make a significant impact early in the game, giving the White Sox a considerable advantage.

Ultimately, the data and trends point to a strong showing by the Chicago White Sox in the first five innings of their game against the Detroit Tigers. With the Tigers' well-known struggles against right-handed pitchers and Giolito's impressive recent performances, it's hard not to see the White Sox taking control of this game early on. So, if you're looking to make a smart bet on this MLB matchup, the first five innings might just be your best bet.

Official Play: White Sox F5 Moneyline -120

Written By Rosser Sports (@Rosser_Sports)