I know we have football on tonight, but we are switching over to the diamond for this spot tonight! I am rolling with Joe Ryan under 15.5 outs at -128 on FD Sportsbook!

I am loving this spot for the Reds to get to Joe Ryan in Great American tonight. Ryan has been really struggling lately and a lot of it has been self inflicted. In the 2nd half we have seen Ryan's walk rate double from 4 to 8%. Also we have seen more a lot of 2 strikes counts with Ryan unable to put away the hitter. His sweeper that has a 33% whiff only sits at 20% put away percentage, and his slider at 31% only puts away batters 18% of the time. Ryan has stayed under this number in 6 of his last 10 and really has lost his long leash. He has only reached 100 pitches 3 times in his last 12 games. Now for the matchup. The Reds have been really bad lately, but they are still scrapping for the last wild card spot in the NL. This matchup, in my opinon should be great for them. Ryan has extreme flyball splits. He has allowed double digit fly balls in 8 of his last 12 games and in Great American that is not something you want to do. On the season, Ryan has allowed 2.08 home runs per nine on the road, and none of the parks have been this favorable for power. Also, Ryan really struggles with power to RHB, but against lefties he struggles to strike them out. With a 34% K rate to righties and only 24% to lefites, this lefty heavy lineup should be putting the ball in play a ton tonight. Lastly, Sonny Gray spun an absolute gem last night, 7 innings of shutout baseball. So we should have a fully rested bullpen here for the Twins, with everyone available. With the Twins holding on to a 7 game lead in the  division, I doubt that will try and stretch Ryan too far in a spot like this. Let's make some money!