Points, assists, rebounds, and threes. These are the parts of the PART parlay. We have dabbled in these to start the NBA season and have begun to hit our stride a bit. Here is what we cooked up for tonight.

P: John Collins +10 points

John Collins has hit +10 points in every game so far this season. That's rights 100%. I see no reason for this to change against the Memphis Grizzlies who have not been playing great defense to start the season. A lot of smart bettors are on Collins O13.5 point total (which I also like), but let's take a little juice here to increase our hit chances.

A: Shai Gilgeous-Alexander +4 assists

We are definitely drinking the juice on this one, but again, Shai has hit 4+ assists in every game so far this season. Tonight Shai faces a Houston team not known for playing any real defense. The total is high and the spread is close, I always trust Shai to get the job done.

R: Ausar Thompson +6 Rebounds

Love this spot for Ausar. You should be getting used to hearing this trend, Ausar has hit +6 rebounds in 100% of his games this season. Sure, the Sixers could blow out the Pistons tonight, but if they do is Ausar leaving the game? Doubt it. Many smart bettors are on his O7.5 rebounds, let's take the discount to get our parlay into +odds territory.

T: Tyrese Maxexy +2 three points made

So we can't get 100% on everything... but how about 90%. Maxey has hit +2 threes in 6 out of 7 games and his lone miss was his worst game of the season. Do we see a repeat of that against Detriot? Doubtful. Yes, there is some blowout potential here, but Maxey does not get impacted that way in the same way Joel Embiid does. Maxey will get plenty of looks in as the 2Q focus in this game.

Parlayed together on Fanduel we get +116 odds. Let's roll!