In the upcoming NHL faceoff between Ottawa and Florida, anchoring the Florida Panthers, Aleksander Barkov looks set to exceed his prop of 2.5 shots on goal, a feat he has achieved in seven of his last ten games.

The NHL season is shaping up to be a rollercoaster ride, with some teams and players consistently surprising us and others leaving us scratching our heads. One player who's been a consistent force on the ice is the Florida Panthers' star, Aleksander Barkov. Coming off a knee injury, Barkov is back in the game and ready to make his mark, especially against the Senators in their upcoming match.

Let's dive into the data. Barkov is averaging 3.0 shots on goal this season, a decent figure considering his recent injury. When we break it down further, he's been even more impressive at home, averaging 3.5 shots on goal. But it's his road performance that we're focusing on here, as he's averaging 2.5 shots on goal.

Looking at his performance over the season, Barkov has had more than 2.5 shots on goal in 48 games and less than 2.5 shots in 40 games. While this may seem like a bit of a toss-up, it's worth noting that in his last 20 games, he's averaged 2.7 shots on goal, crossing the 2.5 mark in half of these games. In his last 10 games, he's averaging 2.9 shots, with six games over the 2.5 mark. And in his last five games, he's averaged 2.8 shots, going over the line in two games.

What makes this upcoming game against the Senators particularly interesting is Barkov's track record against them. In his three games against Ottawa, he's averaged an impressive 3.67 shots on goal. With his recovery from the knee injury and his return to form, it stands to reason that Barkov is a solid bet to go over the 2.5 shots on goal line against the Senators.

Now, I know the stats from the last 10 and 5 games show a slight downward trend, but let's not discount the fact that Barkov is a player known for his resilience and ability to bounce back. The fact that he's still managed to go beyond the 2.5 shots on goal in a good number of these games is a testament to his tenacity.

And let's not forget, Barkov is coming off a knee injury. Any player returning from injury has a point to prove, and Barkov is no exception. His performance since his return has shown that he's not letting his injury slow him down.

So, while we can't make any guarantees in sports (and trust me, anyone who says they can is selling you something), the data suggests that Barkov's performance against the Senators is one to watch. If you're looking to place a bet, taking the over on Barkov's 2.5 shots on goal seems like a solid choice.

Get ready for a showdown on the ice as Barkov takes on the Senators. It's not just about the win or the loss, it's about the stats, the performance, and the thrill of the game. And in this case, it's about whether Barkov will smash that 2.5 shots on goal prop out of the park.

Let the puck drop, and may the odds be ever in your favor.