Based on Kevin Durant's recent games, I'm banking on him to exceed the prop of 39.5 points, rebounds, and assists against the Raptors.

Let's talk about Kevin Durant, the Phoenix Suns' ace who has been turning heads and leaving opponents in the dust. The dude is legit balling out, and if you've been paying attention, you know his 41.21 average for points, assists, and rebounds this season is nothing short of monumental.

In the Suns' recent victorious streak, Durant has been the cornerstone. He's been sidelined for a few games due to a right calf strain, but since his return, the Suns have been unbeatable, winning seven straight games. KD's impact? Unquestionable. But let's talk numbers, shall we?

Over the last 20 games, Durant's been averaging 39.35 points, assists, and rebounds. If that stat doesn’t make your betting fingers itch, maybe the fact that he's had more than 39.5 points, assists, and rebounds in 10 out of those games will. And the upward trend continues. In the last 10 games, Durant's been strutting a 42.9 average, going over 39.5 in 6 matches. Zoom into the last 5 games, and the numbers are even more impressive: a 44.2 average with 3 games over 39.5.

Now, if you're wondering how Durant performs against the Raptors, hold onto your seats. In the four games KD has played against Toronto, he's averaging 32.5 points, assists, and rebounds. That's a bit under our magic number, but remember, we're talking about a player who's currently trending up.

This upcoming game isn’t just any ordinary game; it's the Suns' chance for their eighth consecutive victory, and with Durant on the court, they've got a fighting chance. The Raptors are coming off a loss against the Nets and will be playing back-to-back games. Fatigue may play a factor, and we all know KD can capitalize on a tired defense.

It's also worth noting that in road games, KD's numbers slightly dip, averaging 41.0 points, assists, and rebounds. This matchup against the Raptors is a road game, but considering Durant's recent form, we might just witness him defy his road game average.

Let's also look at the Suns' recent performance without Durant. They barely managed to scrape a win against the Knicks with Durant sidelined due to a sore foot. The game ended 116-113, and it took a tiebreaking 3-pointer from Devin Booker with 1.7 seconds left to secure the win. With Durant back in action, the Suns' performance is expected to be stronger, and KD's numbers, even more impressive.

So, is it a good move to bet on Durant going over 39.5 points, assists, and rebounds against the Raptors? The data suggests so. We're talking about a player who's been consistently exceeding this prop in recent games. But remember, sports betting is always a bit of a gamble. There's no 'sure thing' or 'safe bet'. But with Durant's current form and the Suns' winning streak, this is a bet I'm willing to take.

So, if you're looking for some betting action, keep your eyes peeled on KD's over. It's a bet that's just as exciting as the player himself. Buckle up, folks; it's going to be one hell of a game.