Isiah Pacheco's touchdown streak is a bettor's dream, and I'm all in on him keeping the end zone dances coming against San Francisco in the Super Bowl!

In the high-stakes chess match that is the NFL, finding a consistent playmaker who can find the promised land week in and week out is like striking gold for bettors. Enter Isiah Pacheco, Kansas City's seventh-round secret weapon turned touchdown titan. The man's been spiking the pigskin in the end zone for seven straight games, and I'm riding the hot hand.

There’s no doubt that San Francisco's D is tougher than a two dollar steak. However they showed some cracks in the NFC championship game against the Lions, giving up 3 rushing touchdowns in the first half alone. Pacheco will definitely be looking to capitalize on that. The man is a human bulldozer with the stats to back it up. With 935 rushing yards and seven TDs this season, Pacheco's been running through defenses and hitting paydirt all year.

Digging into the details, Pacheco's not just a ground and pound guy. The Chiefs have been slick, switching it up and slinging him the ball when the trenches are too crowded. Pacheco has really upped his receiving game this season, doubling his output from the year before. This is a testament to his versatility and Patrick Mahomes has no problem checking down to him if need be. That pass catching versatility, especially in the red zone, will lead to more scoring opportunities. 

Now, let's talk game script. If the Chiefs find themselves locked in a gridiron grudge match with the 49ers, they'll be banking on every weapon in their arsenal. Who better to call upon than Pacheco, the back who's proven himself to be as clutch as they come. When it's goal to go, and the Chiefs need a crucial score, that’s when Pacheco does his best work.

Let’s also not forget the Andy Reid factor. The man's a bye week wizard, and with extra prep time, you can bet he's cooking up schemes to get Pacheco loose and into the end zone. Plus with a track record like Reid's, 27-5 after bye weeks, betting against his game plan just  isn’t a good idea.

In the end, it's not just about riding the hot streak or playing the odds. It's about recognizing a player who's been a difference maker in the most pressure packed moments. It doesn’t get any bigger then the Super Bowl stage and Isiah shines brightest when the spotlight is on him. Pacheco's got the grit, the grind, and the green light to go beast mode when he’s needed most. Let’s lock up this Super Bowl TD prop bet and get this DUB!

Pick: Isiah Pacheco Touchdown