Welcome back gang. Today we are back on the MLB grind and getting after it early. First Play of the Season on Pine is going to be Arizona Dbacks TTO 4.5 +105.

Really like this spot for the Dbacks at home against Nestor Cortes. At first glance, this is a lineup made for crushing lefties. Marte has a higher OPS from the Right side, Walker, Gurriel and Suarez have all crushed lefties over their career, and Moreno/Carroll have shown the ability to hit LHP among league average. Cortes is elite at getting out LHB. Last season he allowed a .163 batting average against and only a .326 slugging percentage to southpaws. Righties had a .467 slugging and 5.23 XFIP on the road versus RHB last season. In an extremely small sample size this season, 47 ABs, the Dbacks are #1 in the MLB in batting average, OBP and slugging against lefties. Lastly, I know it is early in season and may not mean much, but the Yankees have won 4 of their 5 games by 3 or less runs. We have seen their high end arms already 2/3 times in the first week of season, with Gallen on the other side making it tough on the Yankees, we could see a bit more of the back end arms tonight. With how well these DBacks are swinging the bats early, I don't know if I want to get in front of them with my 2nd tier bullpen arms.