Bet 7: Halftime of Fulltime - Eintracht Frankfurt (1.58 BetMGM)

Eintracht Frankfurt will win their game against Werder Bremen due to their superior form, quality players, and tactical prowess. Eintracht Frankfurt has been performing exceptionally well in recent matches, showcasing their attacking flair and defensive solidity. With players like Andre Silva and Filip Kostic in top form, they have the firepower to break down Werder Bremen's defense.

Moreover, Eintracht Frankfurt's tactical awareness and ability to control the game through possession and pressing will give them an edge over Werder Bremen. They are likely to dominate the midfield battle and create scoring opportunities through quick transitions and set pieces.

Considering their recent form, individual quality, and tactical superiority, Eintracht Frankfurt is well-positioned to secure a victory against Werder Bremen.