Welcome back gang! We are ready to roll with another Pine Prop of the Day. Yordan Alvarez to record an RBI +120.

Haven't been able to get this dude right so far this year, but this feels like a great spot for Yordan. He has been smoking the ball in the month of April, .360 batting average, .660 slugging and 12 RBIs. So far this year he has been in the 95th or higher percentile in K%, xWOBA, XSlug and XBA. His 10% K rate is half of what it was last season, and his power continues to carry. Yordan has not recorded and RBI in 4 games, and we should see that breakout game soon. Yordan has been great in his opportunities to drive guys in. He is batting .333 with runners on base, .294 with runners in scoring position and .500 with runners in scoring position and two outs, all great indicators of him taking advantage of his chances. Lopez features Slider and 4 seamer 90% of the time, and Alvarez has fared well against those this season. .368 XBA against 4 seamers and .571 batting average against the slider this season. With the 11% walk rate that Lopez has this year and the Braves Bullpen already using Johnson/Minter/Chavez yesterday (all 17+ pitches) we could see a much weaker version of this Braves Pen today.