Pick #5: Collins to Not Face a Break Point - First Service Game (-175 bet365)

**Betting Preview: Victoria Azarenka vs. Danielle Collins - WTA Italian Open Quarterfinal**

In the upcoming quarterfinal matchup at the WTA Italian Open in Rome, all eyes are on Danielle Collins to hold strong and avoid facing a break point in her first service game against Victoria Azarenka.

Collins, known for her raw power and aggressive play, has been a formidable force on the court this season. Despite rumors of a potential retirement, she has proven her critics wrong by delivering consistent and impressive performances. Italy holds a special place in Collins' heart, as she secured her maiden WTA title here three years ago. With a sense of familiarity and confidence, Collins is looking to make another deep run in Rome.

Danielle Collins' Dominant Serve:

One of the critical factors in Collins' success has been her powerful serve. In her recent matches, she has consistently managed to avoid early breaks, establishing control from the start. This trend is a significant indicator that she is likely to hold her first service game against Azarenka without facing a break point.

Victoria Azarenka's Resilient Counter Punching:

On the other side of the net, Victoria Azarenka's journey to the quarterfinals has been marked by resilience and determination. The Belarusian has narrowly escaped two three-set matches and secured a routine win against a Top 10 player. Azarenka's counterpunching skills and ability to turn defense into offense make her a formidable opponent, but she will have to contend with Collins' aggressive baseline play and dominant serve.

Key Matchup Insights:

- **Collins' Serve:** Collins' ability to hold serve comfortably, especially in the early stages of the match, is a cornerstone of her recent success. Her powerful serve and aggressive approach will be crucial in avoiding break points against Azarenka.

- **Azarenka's Counterpunching:** Azarenka excels at absorbing her opponent's power and turning defense into offense. However, facing Collins' formidable serve and aggressive baseline play will be a challenging task.

Betting Angle:

Given Collins' current form and her strong serve, it is reasonable to expect her to start the match confidently. She has consistently avoided early breaks in her recent matches, which adds weight to the prediction that she will not face a break point in her first service game against Azarenka.


In this compelling quarterfinal matchup at the WTA Italian Open, the edge goes to Danielle Collins, particularly in her opening service game. Her recent form and historical success in Rome suggest she will begin the match on a strong note, avoiding the pressure of facing break points early on.

Bet on Danielle Collins to not face a break point in her first service game, as she looks to leverage her powerful serve and continue her impressive run in Rome.