Welcome Back gang! Today we are rolling with a hit parlay for your morning bet! We have our best bet being a hit parlay with Ketel Marte + Tommy Pham to record a hit -121.

Let's start out with Ketel Marte. Marte has a 242 WRC+ against LHP on the season and has been a menace at home as well. At home this season Marte has a 162 WRC+, and an OPS over .950. Marte has a matchup today with LHP Andrew Abbott and should have a good opportunity to do some damage.  Abbott features 4 seam/Changeup/Sweeper for over 85% of his aresenal. Marte has a great average against all of these pitches- .296/.296/.333 with all three of them having over a .475 slugging against. 

Tommy Pham faces off against Patrick Corbin tonight. Corbin has been very poor this year with a 5.93 XERA and a 48% hard hit rate against. Tommy Pham has been great since entering the White Sox lineup. Batting .308 on the season, Pham has been a mainstay at the top of the lineup card. Pham has also been great at home, batting .352 with an OPS over .850. He has a hit in 9 of his 12 games this month, and has great history against Corbin, 7/17. Lastly, the pitches featured by Corbin 80% of the time is the sinker/slider/cutter. Pham against those pitches has .313 average against the sinker, .400 versus the cutter, .286 versus the slider. With this game being at home and the numbers against Corbin's pitches, I'm expecting a nice game from Tommy and the White Sox.