Isaiah Joe Under 7.5 Pts (-104 FD)

Yes he started and took 9 field goal attempts last game but between the first half and the second half some things began to change. In the first half the game started out okay for Joe has he took 5 attempts and played 13 minutes. Problem was during that game in his first start was because he was a smaller guard, the Mavericks began to attack him, and it started to force more Cason Wallace minutes instead. In the second half he ended up only playing 8 minutes while Wallace played almost 17 minutes. He allowed 5 of 9 shooting for 12 points with 10 of those points coming against Luka and Kyrie. If he starts off slow shooting, then we can not only see more Wallace again but also Aaron Wiggins. In an elimination game the Thunder can’t afford any errors and most likely relies on the hot hand.

Kyrie Irving Under 4.5 Reb (-132 FD)

Kyrie has only gone over this line once in this series, but he has mainly defended perimeter shooters whether it is Joe, Wallace or Dort. With Josh Giddey not starting or getting many minutes, it means more perimeter shooters on the court for him that he needs to contest. He isn’t even looking to crash the boards most the time. In the past two games he’s seen 4 and 3 rebound chances in games four and five. The only game in which he went over this line this series is when he seen 10 rebound chances. In games with less than 10 rebound chances in the playoffs he’s gone under this line in 6 of 6 games, while games of 10+ rebound chances, he’s gone over this line in 5 of 5 games. The Mavericks have taken away the rim essentially for the thunder and have only allowed mid-range and three-point attempts.