Betting on Jamal Murray to hit under 2.5 threes in the upcoming Game 7 against the Timberwolves is a savvy move, given his recent performance and Minnesota's elite defense. 

As the Denver Nuggets gear up for a decisive Game 7 against the Minnesota Timberwolves, all eyes are on Jamal Murray, Denver's sharpshooting guard known for his ability to catch fire from beyond the arc. However, diving into the stats and trends, it becomes clear why betting on Murray to hit under 2.5 three-pointers is a smart bet backed by solid data.

Firstly, let's talk about Murray's recent performance. Over the last 10 games, he's averaging just 1.5 three-pointers made, a significant dip from his season average. Even more telling is his output in the last five games, where that average drops to 1.4. This downward trend is especially pronounced in playoff matchups against the Timberwolves, where Murray has been held under 2.5 threes in five out of the last six games. These numbers aren't just a blip on the radar and they're indicative of a player facing real challenges in finding his rhythm from deep against the Timberwolves. 

But why is Murray struggling specifically against Minnesota? The answer lies in the Timberwolves' defensive prowess. Minnesota ranks first in the league at defending three-pointers against point guards, a stat that's no accident. This is a team that's been meticulously constructed to stifle perimeter scoring, boasting players like Anthony Edwards and Jaden McDaniels who excel in closing out on shooters and contesting shots. Their defensive schemes are designed to pressure ball handlers and limit open looks, turning what might seem like comfortable shots for most into contested prayers against them.

In light of these factors, the under 2.5 on Jamal Murray's three-pointers made seems like a calculated bet. It's all about recognizing the perfect storm of a slumping player facing an elite defensive team with everything on the line. For bettors and fans alike, taking the under on Murray's threes is not just a smart play but it's acknowledging the realities of the matchup and the pressures of playoff basketball. Let’s lock this up and get this DUB!

Pick: Jamal Murray Under 2.5 Threes