Unclelou is having some techincal difficulties today and is unable to post, here is his pick. (And just because I'm posting for him today does not mean the rest of you can start asking me to post for you, when you're 4-0 in LIIC like he is and having technical issues, we'll talk. ❤❤)

Im on my phone and can’t type as long a post as usual but I’m going with Michael Brantley over 1.5 total bases at +135. We hit this bet yesterday with two singles and again Brantley is hitting second against a similar right handed pitcher. This means he should again get at least 4, potentially 5 at bats. Brantley is 6-12 career off Giolito with a double and two homers. I think Brantley gets an extra base hit today but if not two singles is definitely possible again. At plus odds it’s too good for me to pass up. Brantley over 1.5 bases +135