Jewell Loyd Under 1.5 3PM (+125 DK)

The Sky makes things difficult for three-point shooters, and they especially don’t want Loyd to do damage from there either. In her two previous matchups with the Sky, she has shot a combined 1 of 10 from the perimeter. The Sky are allowing the 4th fewest three-point attempts this season along with the 3rd lowest three-point percentage. We will break down the Sky’s defense against Loyd in a bit but before then, looking at her matchups against top 8 three-point defenses, she has gone under this prop in 9 of 13 games this season. The good thing for us is only 32% of her points come from threes. She really likes that midrange shot as that is where most of her points come from at 33%. Going back to the Sky defense from watching film, we know Loyd likes to score off the pick & roll. The Sky like to go over screens (which forces her to step inside the three-point line for pullup midrange shots or drive) and also have the roll man defender step up (not play drop coverage). This is going to force her to either pass or try to split the defenders. She has not gotten many clean looks from the perimeter and last game she only took 6 three-point attempts. In games of 7 or less three-point attempts, she has failed to go over this line in 10 of 18 games this season, but when you factor in a top three-point defense, she’s gone under in 8 of 12 games.

Teaira McCowan Over 7.5 Reb (-128 FD)

Last time McCowan played the Aces, she ended up with 15 rebounds. Most of her rebounds typically come from defensive rebounds and the Aces are allowing the most defensive rebounds not only this season, but also the 5th most since the start of June. McCowan has a clear size advantage in the paint being 6 foot 7, while Stokes and Wilson for the Aces are no taller than 6 foot 4. Watching film from that game, she was able to stay in the paint for most of the game or crash from the corners as she was the primary defender for Kia Stokes. Stokes was in the corner a lot or used as a screener which allowed McCowan to drop back into the paint for help defense as Stokes is not much of a threat to shoot since 82% of her points come inside the restricted area. To show you how much of a non-threat shooter she really is, inside the paint she is shooting 10 of 18 from the field, but outside the paint, she is shooting 6 of 25 from the field. McCowan is too slow to be able to defend Wilson, so she has to be on someone like Stokes to be useful on defense, and playing a drop and being able to roam the paint allows her great access to defending the paint. Others for the Wings have to focus on stopping the perimeter as the Aces take the 3rd most threes per game and score the 5th fewest points in the paint this season. not only are the Aces taking the 3rd most threes but they also have the 3rd highest three-point percentage, so a lot of defensive rebounds should be uncontested not only from the Aces but also her own teammates as well.