Pick #7: 1st Set Total Games - Over 9.5 (-175 DraftKings)

The stage is set for a potential first-set thriller at Wimbledon when Lorenzo Musetti and Taylor Fritz clash tomorrow. Here's why the total games could easily surpass 9.5:

Aggressive Baseliners: Both Musetti and Fritz are known for their aggressive baseline games, favoring powerful groundstrokes over defensive tactics. This style often leads to longer rallies and extended games.

Musetti's Grass Adaptation: Despite not being his preferred surface, Musetti has surprised many with his strong serving and baseline play on grass. This could lead to him holding serve consistently and forcing Fritz to work hard for points.

Fritz's Serving Prowess: Fritz possesses a big serve that can be difficult to return. However, if Musetti can handle the power, it could lead to extended baseline battles and potentially service breaks on both sides.

Wimbledon's Faster Grass: The quicker courts at Wimbledon generally favor high-scoring matches. Players can generate more power on their serves and groundstrokes, leading to longer rallies and more games overall.

History suggests a potential high-scoring encounter. Musetti's previous five Wimbledon matches averaged 24.6 games per set, while Fritz averaged 23.3 games per set in his Eastbourne matches on grass.

While there's always a chance for a dominant serving performance that could shorten the set, the combination of aggressive styles, strong serving, and the faster Wimbledon grass makes the total games exceeding 9.5 a very realistic possibility.