WIN OR GO HOME for Tatum - in his last 3 win or go home games he's nailed exactly 4 3pointers and averaging exactly 29pts in those contests. This series alone he's averaging 9 3PA per contest and in the last 2 contests has shot 10 and 11 3s. 

I'm not taking his points, I'm taking his 3PM. Nearly half of his shots are coming from 3pt land and against a team like the Bucks who lets you live and die by the 3 I'm going to take Tatum to keep me alive. He's coming into himself a top 5/10 player in the NBA. In a game like this he won't be looking to pass he'll be looking to get the Celtics back home for a Game 7. The AI model also agrees with this play. 

Tatum o3.5 3s -115 (DK)